3 common myths about VPS servers debunked

There is no doubt that web hosting is one area that can see lots of confusion. Even for someone who is quite tech savvy, the many different products and services out there can seem daunting. From shared hosting to cloud computing along with VPN’s and VPS’s, you may feel like you are drowning in terminology!

If this is the case, then let us help out. VPS servers are very common now and provide the chance to have your own private server that runs virtually. Although a fairly simple concept, there are a few common myths that abound around VPS servers. These could make you give them a miss which would be a real shame.

Here are the three you are most likely to hear and why they’re not true.

1 VPS servers are eye-wateringly expensive

This is probably the biggest misconception when it comes to VPS servers. In days gone by, this may well have been true in some cases but it is not anymore. Many people now will be able to find a VPS hosting deal that is cheaper or only slightly more than a shared hosting plan for example. While it is true that more power and features in your VPS package will cost you more, you can get very good basic packages for superb prices now.

2. You need to be a Stephen Hawking-like genius to manage one

This myth has a grain of truth in it to be fair but is another one that is not really true anymore. It can’t be denied that you or your IT manager need some technical knowledge to manage your VPS properly. However, with the support your host will give in this area and the abundance of online tutorials to learn the basics from, it is not an issue. Many VPS servers now will have easy to use and intuitive control panels to make it even simpler.

3. VPS servers and the cloud are the same things

This is really a case of people getting their terminology mixed up but it is worth knowing that they are in fact different. The cloud is the overall space in which a VPS operates. VPS servers are particular products that use the cloud to operate in.

If you are thinking of using a VPS server for your hosting needs, then there are many reasons to choose it. Hopefully, the above has also cleared up the common myths around them that may put you off. Obviously, you need to decide if VPS servers are correct for you personally but they are well worth looking into.

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