5 reasons more and more businesses are choosing VPS servers

More and more commerce is being undertaken online. If your website needs to be live and operating at full capacity all the time, then you cannot afford to have a shared hosting plan that may not meet your requirements. A managed VPS plan can provide you with a number of features and benefits that are essential to you growing businesses, which explains why more and more firms are choosing VPS servers.

1. Secure

Due to the fundamental nature of a VPS, all of your source and data files are stored behind a secured partition, inaccessible to other customers. From a business perspective, all of your data and your customers’ data remains completely private.

2. Flexible

Businesses change, adapt and grow. As a company, you may not know accurately how your business will change in the long or even the short-term. VPS plans offer a high amount of flexibility without having to financially commit to a stagnant long-term plan.

3. Fast

If more than 20% of your revenue is generated from online activity, this makes you an eCommerce business. As such, any slowness on your site will detract customers and may lose you a sale, and you cannot afford to have your website offline. VPS servers expect to be up and running 100% of the time, with fast speeds and excellent performance generating higher conversion and sales rates.

4. Managed

Not everyone has the knowledge to manage server loads and configure hosting environments – and many people don’t need to know. By placing the management of the VPS in the hands of experts, it provides you with more time which would be better and more efficiently spent on building your business and helping clients. There is no learning curve, as there is no need to learn the technicalities, and using a VPS plan is far more cost-efficient than hiring a dedicated systems administrator!

5. Scalable

What happens when you are expecting a sudden increase in website traffic because you are sponsoring a large event, or have been affiliated and promoted by your largest client? Usually, firms need to commit to a dedicated long-term increase with significant financial overheads. However, with VPS you can solve these problems with a short-term and cost-efficient solution. VPS plans are unique in that they are completely scalable in memory, CPU and disk space. Therefore, by using a VPS you have the ability to scale your resources to suit your firm’s ever-changing needs.

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