A comparison of different business email services

With so many different email services out there it can be difficult to decide which one is right for your business. Here’s a comparison of three of the best options available.


Gmail has become one of most popular email services in modern times. However it is showing signs of becoming obsolete. There are a number of issues that has made Gmail lose its crown as the former best communication tool out there.

Instead of folders users are forced to use labels. Folders have become the norm for most forms of email. By trying to be different Gmail has alienated a large number of consumers and reduced the number of applications it used to provide.

The functionality is also rather boring and dull. Having to view their blank looking screen day in and day out can become rather tedious. With no style or flair Gmail is simply an uninteresting service to go with.


The main issue with Outlook is that it is ineffective against spam. Having your inbox clogged with unwanted emails is enough to make the entire service lose all its functionality. Worse still, being forced to manually delete all those emails can eat away precious work hours.

Outlook is also time consuming in other ways. Attaching a file is a common everyday practice of office life. When you need to attach a file in Outlook it requires you to take extra steps. This soon becomes infuriating when you realise there are better email services out there.


This is by far the best email service for businesses on this list. Zimbra charges 10 usd per month for 10 users. This is significantly cheaper than Gmail. For this reason Zimbra is an incredibly cost effective resource that companies should take advantage of.

Furthermore it has a wonderfully intuitive interface which makes communication as easy as it can be between colleagues and clients. When it comes to a good email service functionality is key. Luckily Zimbra has this in spades. The service is versatile enough to be used across many different devices without any issues.

Zimbra has a number of useful organisation tools to help maximise efficiency. These include calendar, briefcase and live chat. When it comes to finding the right resource for communication in business you need look no further than Zimbra.

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