An introduction to cPanel hosting

As you may be aware, we at use cPanel for hosting our clients’ websites. However, unless you have a lot of experience in the world of web hosting, you may not know exactly what cPanel is or how it helps both us and our clients. That’s why we’d like to explain it in detail in today’s blog entry and discuss some of the advantages that it offers.

cPanel is a piece of software known as a ‘hosting platform’ that enables hosting providers like us to carry and manage a wide range of different websites with ease. It differs from other hosting platforms because it utilises a highly intuitive Graphical User Interface (or ‘GUI’), which can be used as a control panel. Both hosting organisations and website owners (such as you) can utilise this GUI to tweak the way a website is hosted. The main advantage of this is that it simplifies the website management process for both our clients and ourselves. For example, organising or re-organising the files that make up a website might be a convoluted process on other hosting platforms, but cPanel’s GUI makes it much more straightforward.

As well as its graphical user interface, cPanel can also be accessed and controlled using APIs or a command line. As an ordinary website owner, you’re unlikely to use these features. However, they allow website hosters like us to streamline and automate many of our administrative functions. It’s much easier to deploy an API to carry out routine administration than to do it manually, after all. We save a lot of time and effort by using APIs in conjunction with cPanel, which helps us keep our costs low.

If you’re not technically inclined, all this talk about GUIs, APIs and command lines might seem a bit overly complex. However, you don’t need to be an IT genius to understand how cPanel can benefit you. To put it plainly, the software provides you with a visual and easy way of managing your website while giving us the tools to host it effectively.

Here at, we want you to understand a bit about the technology we use to host your website. If you’d like to know before you commit to letting us host your website, get in touch today.