Can using a VPS server help your SEO efforts?

When choosing your web hosting set-up, there is a lot to think about. Many people will choose VPS servers for their personal or business hosting for the cost savings, scalability and reliability they offer. What many may not consider is the great boost it can give to your SEO efforts.

What is SEO?

For anyone who does not know, SEO stands for search engine optimisation. It is the process of using on-page (i.e. on your website itself) and off-page (i.e. link building for example) efforts to get ranked higher in search engine results. This is obviously preferable as it will mean people are more likely to click on to your site when they perform a search related to your services.

Although a fairly specialised field, there are some simple ways to boost your SEO. Using VPS servers is one of them.

How can VPS servers boost my site’s SEO?

In general terms, a hosting solution can affect your SEO in three ways. These are speed, security and downtime. Here is why VPS servers perform well in these key areas:

1. Speed

The speed at which your website operates is key to being ranked well by the search engines. So much around SEO now is about the benefit of your website to the person searching and how well it works, as this is what the search engines value. VPS servers offer superb speed and responsive website hosting as you are operating on your own private server with more power available to you.

2. Security

VPS servers also score well for security. As your VPS server is only accessible to you, it is much more secure. Another great benefit in this area is that your VPS operates in isolation from others on the same node of the master server. This means that you cannot be affected by any security issues from other websites that may happen with shared hosting.

3. Low downtime

Put simply, if your website experiences lots of downtime, the search engines will not rank it highly. VPS servers score well here too as only having your website hosted on the VPS server means that there is less chance of downtime occurring. If it does, it’s easy to identify the problem and quickly fix it.

As you can see, choosing to use VPS servers can help greatly with your SEO strategy. It is something that not many people think about when choosing their web hosting but should. Compared to something like shared hosting, it certainly offers a few advantages that you may wish to consider.

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