How your start-up could benefit from VPS hosting?

In the modern business world, being an entrepreneur involves making a lot of sacrifices. Since so much time and effort needs to go into establishing and running a successful start-up, it’s important to understand what measures can be put into place to help things run more smoothly to allow you to concentrate on your day-to-day administrative concerns.

One way to uncomplicate things and to free up time is to make use of the latest online technology to streamline your business processes. It’s possible to make use of VPS servers to create a more efficient and productive company, and here’s how:

VPS allows you to host your site on powerful hardware

With a virtual private server, a physical machine is partitioned into multiple virtual compartments, with server software set up individually on each of these. Each partition is capable of functioning independently. However, your site will have dedicated RAM, CPU and disk space allocated to it. Ultimately, you’ll have root access to the server in the same way you would have access to your own dedicated server – at a fraction of the cost.

The rental-space analogy

Hosting on a shared environment is a little like renting an apartment – there’s a landlord (the hosting company) who owns all space and assets. The landlord rents out personal space and with that, you get communal assets such as a gym or parking space (in hosting terms, RAM, CPU and so on). All residents share these communal resources.

VPS servers are the next step-up, in which you own your own space. You’ll have your own claims to certain portions of the communal assets and are ultimately responsible for making your own modifications and repairs.

In addition to this, there are fewer residents which means there’s a greater specific allocation of all the resources available. This ultimately translates to have a faster, more streamlined site.

Switching to VPS servers

If your site is experiencing heavy traffic, it could be time to switch to VPS. Generally, if you’re receiving notifications that your site is using too many resources from a shared server, it’s a sure-fire indication that it’s time to make the change. When switching to VPS, you can expect greater reliability, greater security and more control/server root access – things which every start-up can benefit from.

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