The advantages of VPS servers

If there is one development which has come to characterize hosting in the last decade, you could say it is virtual private servers (VPS). In this blog, we take a look at some of the reasons why businesses all over the world are switching onto the benefits of VPS servers.

Increased reliability

VPS servers have attracted many fans as an alternative to shared hosting. That is because shared hosting has vulnerabilities which can sometimes be compared to a domino stack – all it takes is one issue for the whole server to be disrupted. A less risky way can be to embrace VPS servers which are kept isolated from one another, with only a small number of servers assigned to every node. The end result? Better resource utilization, waaay better granularity, perfect right sizing which all leads to cost savings and better uptime.

Environmentally friendly

VPS servers are seen as one of the greenest types of hosting, and this is because they can take up a significantly smaller portion of physical resources than is the case with dedicated server hosting. Why? Because in the case of VPS servers, a main server is divided into different virtual environments, which has the effect of sharing the resources more effectively. This is as opposed to a dedicated server which can mean that only your organization is using that server’s power consumption. This is what right sizing gives you by default.

Budget friendly

Over the course of the last few years, the price of VPS servers has come into line with a range of budgets. VPS server solutions are scalable, making them an option for a range of different websites – from a small start up to a large corporate. In many cases VPS server solutions can be just as cheap as accounts for shared hosting, with the added advantages detailed in this blog; such as reliability, maximized uptime and performance.


VPS servers also offer a greater degree of control to organizations when compared to shared hosting. This means more leeway when it comes to scripts, and the benefit of root access. Things that you can do with good cloud setup in well managed environment are not comparable to anything in bare metal world. Scalability and flexibility, change of resources when you need them, scaling booth horizontally and vertically. That degree of control is unseen with bare metal servers, even in most advanced data centers.

So there you have it – just some of the reasons why VPS servers make sense as a solution for businesses in many different stages of their growth.

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