The differences between VPS servers and dedicated hosting

In order to put your business online, you need a proper host. However, there are way too many options in the market, which makes it essential to understand the differences between VPS and dedicated hosting.

Fortunately, we prepared a quick list with the main points that differ these two hosting options for beginners. If you are in need of a server with enough and upgradable resources, besides total control over it, you should continue to read.

Let’s find out which ones suit your business!

1. Designed for different companies

There isn’t a single best option for everyone.

Dedicated servers are robust and fit big businesses perfectly, granting they won’t suffer from downtime or loading issues due to their massive load of traffic. As for VPS servers, they can handle small and medium-sized websites without big surprises.

It’s not because dedicated hosting offers much more resources and capability that you should pick it. Chances are you aren’t desperate to migrate to anything more powerful than a typical VPS at the moment, so you shouldn’t.

Doing so would not only grant you that your website is strong enough to hold a lot but also increase your costs. Unless you are building a page to a huge business, you can choose one among the many available settings of VPS servers.

2. Sharing with others

Your server may be private, but it shares resources.

Your VPS allows you to own a private server, which is virtually separated from others. That improves security compared to shared hosting, but you are still within the same physical server. You receive some part of the hardware resources, and your neighbours another part.

As for dedicated servers, your business is located within a server that no one else has access to. You’d be renting the physical server in its entirety, which improves security even further and provides you more resources, for a higher price.

If you are in doubt, you can study some reasons to grow your business with a VPS server.

Managing your growth

Scalability is important to handle the growth of your business.

When you own a virtual server, you have only part of its entirety, as previously explained. Therefore, when you need to upgrade it, you just grab another portion without affecting the website, in a quick process.

With dedicated hosting, you already have the entire server and would need the addition of another module. Such a process could represent downtime, or even cost more to upgrade than with a VPS.

To reach a final decision, read more about the limitations of dedicated servers. Yes, they exist!

Wrap Up

As much as possible, this article represents a fair comparison between two popular hosting options.

Your decision will always depend on what is being built. Both VPS servers and dedicated hosting will be a perfect match, each one for a different type of website.

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