The importance of e-mail security and choosing strong passwords

Creating a secure password to protect your email account is critical for any company in today’s workplace. As you know, hackers are increasingly using sophisticated software to gain access to accounts and steal valuable data. However, Zimbra mail ensures your account is protected. When it comes to choosing mail hosting services for your business, you need to need to get the best hosting services in the market like Zimbra mail hosting. To get the best out of Zimbra mail services, you also need to learn a few things that will keep your account safe from hackers. Learning how to avoid these schemes can help prevent you from becoming their next victim. Here are a few ways that a business can create a secure password for an email account.

Avoid common phrases

While this may seem simple, it is critical to remember to avoid using common phrases as your password. Instead, create a password that is composed of multiple lower and uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Each password should also require a minimum amount of characters, somewhere between eight and sixteen characters is a good range. Of course, this password should be easy for you to remember but difficult for an outsider to figure out.

Change passwords often

Another important tip to remember is to change passwords on a frequent basis. Using the same password for multiple years significantly increases the chance of your account becoming compromised. Instead, change the password on a monthly basis, and you will make it much more difficult for a cyber-criminal to gain access to your account.

Never use the same password for multiple accounts

Many businesses use the same password for everything, and it is essential to avoid making this common mistake. Each account should have a unique password, or you risk suffering a severe security breach that can affect every account within your organization. The use of a password manager is very beneficial, as it allows you to control multiple accounts easily and ensures everyone remains in compliance.

Taking the additional time to create a strong and secure password can help your company avoid downtime and costly security breaches. Zimbra Mail is one of the safest mail services because of the added security features to protect clients. In addition, Zimbra Mail is cheaper and user-friendly compared to other mail services. Contact us today to learn more about Zimbra Mail and our cPanel hosting product.