You want to create your own website, but you have an important decision ahead. There are four main types of hosting services you may choose from. Among them, beginners tend to be in doubt as there are some traps and myths about shared hosting and VPS servers, the most common choices.

As many providers try to sell products that aren't a good solution, you should know what is real and what is not. With our list of the top three myths about shared hosting, you will be able to decide if that's the right choice. Make sure to remember: the perfect pick depends on your project.

It's time to begin!

1. You can get unlimited resources

You can't get endless resources, that's impossible.

The use of resources demands costs. When you opt for a cloud hosting service, for example, the more you use, the higher your bill. With a low-cost option such as shared hosting, you should expect to receive limited capacity.

Unfortunately, many companies try to sell their web hosting services as "unlimited." From bandwidth to disk space, they claim that you can use as much as you want. You will not only reach the limit at some point but also risk to have a light website knocked down because someone else did.

If that's already a big letdown for you, check the differences between VPS and shared hosting. You might be looking for a different type of server.

2. Uptime of 99% is always the same

Time off-line takes SEO points from your website.

You have found a hosting provider which offers 99% Uptime guaranteed and everything else you need. That may sound like enough, but the numbers behind the comma make all the difference.

The total downtime in a year for exact 99% uptime equals more than 3.5 days. On the other hand, when the host offers 99.99% uptime, you are reducing the total downtime to less than 9 hours. Therefore, don't believe that almost 100% of Uptime always represent the same amount of time.

You may check online how to calculate uptime to guarantee you are really receiving what was promised.

Shared hosting is always the best choice to start

The most basic option is not always the best initial choice.

Among the paid options to host a website, shared hosting is by far the cheapest. Although it's possible to host simple projects without a problem, it always depends on resources consumption.

Even when hosts offer it as the beginners' choice, you might find that VPS servers with lower settings are a better pick. There's not an option that will cover all scenarios and needs. Study your plan and decide if your website will fit into a shared server.

Wrap Up

Now you are at least a bit prepared to analyse all the offers available on the web and eliminate the wrong options.

Don't trust myths that are sold as truth to sell worthless plans. You'll be saving yourself time and money, choosing a shared server or not.

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