Understanding the 3 most crucial trends in the VPS marketplace in 2023

The pace of change in the IT industry as a whole is known for being incredibly rapid. The world of VPS servers is no exception. Every business concerned about efficiency, cutting costs and remaining competitive in a marketplace as dynamic as this should make an effort to stay ahead of the latest trends and forces. We’ve gathered three of the most critical here for you:

1. The “death” of shared web hosting

In traditional methods of web hosting, companies have been overselling their servers for years, lumping on as many customers as possible to the same server. This has had a shocking impact on reliability and service levels, and with the data showing users are increasingly willing to completely abandon slow-loading or lagging web pages (after as little as four seconds), fewer and fewer businesses are taking the risk of losing customers.

2. Unlocking the potential of ‘green hosting’

The use of more eco-friendly tech has seen a massive uptick in popularity in recent years. The benefits of the so-called ‘green economy’ seem to be growing rapidly, with billions in revenue and a positive upward trend: a balance between environmental responsibility and business success. Using a VPS rather than traditional methods is part of that movement. Why? Because rather than having a private server, meaning you are the only person benefiting from that power consumption, a VPS allows a larger server to be sliced into dedicated virtual environments, saving energy without sacrificing performance.

3. New businesses will flock to VPS solutions

The odds of success with a new start-up are small – most businesses fold within their first year of operation. So, increasing numbers of potential entrepreneurs are starting small, but with a lot of ambition. VPS servers are perfect for facilitating that prudent approach: being able to scale rapidly and flexibly without experiencing any downtime caused by technical issues is critical to the success of a new business. VPS solutions are easy to scale up (or even down during quieter periods), meaning no enormous upfront commitment. These benefits mean larger and larger numbers of businesses over the world are recognizing the huge benefits and opportunities of switching to a VPS offering.

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