VPS servers: don’t try and grow your business without one

Very few entrepreneurial spirits are happy to simply allow things to tick over – put simply, the aim of the owner of any small-medium enterprise is to work hard to attain the sort of growth that puts them in the big leagues.

While everybody has their own individual strategies for company growth, it’s ultimately how a business copes with said growth that determines its success – and the world of eCommerce is no different. In the same way that a traditional brick-and-mortar shop owner might consider moving to a larger retail premises to cope with constant demand, online business owners also need to consider the scalability of their servers.

Controlling demand

Let’s set the scene – a company strikes up an incredible deal with one of their suppliers. They can offer an in-demand product at a lower price than any of their competitors and have got a marketing budget to ensure their promotion is hitting all the right channels – Facebook advertising and PPC are driving traffic to the site – but the server simply can’t cope.

This is a wasted opportunity – it’s a fact that slow-loading sites tend to infuriate potential customers, which means the company in question can kiss goodbye to that hypothetical world-beating sales scenario if none of its prospects can access their site due to overloading issues.

A simple solution

Aspirational business owners need a hosting solution which can be easily upscaled without interfering with the overall function of the server. VPS servers are perfect for this, as upscaling can be as simple as upgrading your current hosting plan in a matter of minutes. This doesn’t require any downtime, which means you can upscale as and when needed without interruption, and unlike shared hosting plans you can expect to speak to a dedicated customer service representative who can continuously offer recommendations based on the needs, projected performance and hopes of your business.

Controlling the destiny of your business

VPS servers provide complete control as they allow root access. Without root access, your business will be reliant on software packages provided by your hosting provider. With VPS, you can freely implement industry-specific software to make any changes to your server space. It’s the way forward for growth-focused businesses.

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