VPS servers for beginners

If you are developing a website for business or personal use, you will have lots of fun mapping it out and thinking about how it will look. Once this is done, you need to think about how you will host your website. It is at this point that some people can start to get confused! Not only is hosting something that some non-tech people find difficult hard to grasp, but the different types of server can prove troublesome too.

VPS servers are one of the best ways to host your site, so read on to find out why and exactly what web hosting is all about.

What is web hosting?

Before we dive into what VPS servers are and why they’re a wise choice, let’s start with what hosting is. Your website needs a place online to live and operate. A web host answers this need and performs all the different functions that make your site work online along with making it accessible to the public. Servers are the hardware involved with web hosting that actually performs all these day-to-day functions.

What are VPS servers?

Now we have a handle on the overall concept, we can move onto explaining VPS servers. As above, a server is what helps your website to appear online and be visible to the public. There are different types of server and VPS servers are one of them.

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. This special type of server has a part of it that is private to your website and only your website runs on that portion of the server. Although the server itself is a hardware piece of machinery housed in a very secure external data centre, it is known as virtual because your access to it operates via the cloud.

Why choose VPS servers?

There are other types of server you could choose when deciding on your web hosting needs, of which shared hosting is probably the most common. VPS servers are better though as they give you more security and privacy due to only your website having access to your part of the server. They also avoid other websites slowing you down or crashing your part of the server if they have issues. VPS servers are also great value and will help your website run faster and provide a better user experience.

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