Why is Zimbra mail hosting a great choice for your business?

When it comes to choosing the mail hosting solution your business will use, chances are you will know about the big names such as Outlook or Gmail. If you were to jump straight to using one of these though, it would be a mistake. Many businesses are now using Zimbra mail hosting instead, due to the many advantages it offers.

If you need to know more about Zimbra mail hosting and why it’s so great, the below should help.

1. Low cost

One of the key points when choosing Zimbra is that it costs way less than Outlook or Gmail. The typical monthly charge for Zimbra is $10 for 10 users, which is significantly less than what Google would cost, for example. Obviously cost is one of the major factors when it comes to this type of decision and Zimbra certainly wins out in that regard.

2. Superb centralisation

Email is central to how all businesses operate now, along with other tools like shared calendars. Shared contacts and tasks are also very important in a modern mail hosting provider. Zimbra offers great functionality here and makes it easy to maintain these shared directories easily and efficiently. In terms of business, this ability to manage shared directories centrally for each user within Zimbra makes collaboration a real possibility.

3. Amazing security

Another great feature of Zimbra compared to Outlook or Gmail is the amazing security it gives. Using a high level of encryption, it means that your sensitive business data will always be safe even when collaborating with colleagues on projects. You can also use it to help manage your server firewall and overall security which is a neat feature too. The system also keeps back-ups of all emails sent, so you can retrieve them at a later date.

4. It will sync with mobile devices

The modern business world we live in makes syncing up information from your mail hosting choice with your mobile devices key. For businesses with staff in the field, this ability to sync up all calendars and contacts with smartphones is vital. Zimbra offers this function and makes it easy for your staff to use it on the move, for both iPhone and Android.

As you can see, Zimbra mail hosting is a superb choice for your mail hosting needs, with many features to recommend it. It’s also very easy to use with intuitive controls, so your organization will soon get up to speed with it once installed.

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