Why start-ups love Zimbra Mail?

Start-ups tend to be on the ball when it comes to utilising the latest technology. They are run by young entrepreneurs that seek out quality, trendy and affordable products and services as they know that they will serve their up-and-coming businesses in the long run.

One service that start-ups are flocking towards is Zimbra. This mail-hosting service is becoming increasingly popular with new enterprises due to the numerous benefits it poses to them. Let’s take a look at why start-ups love Zimbra Mail.


One of the key advantages of Zimbra Mail is the price. It is an extremely affordable business email solution. This is something that start-ups with little wiggle room when it comes to financing are constantly seeking. And while Zimbra Mail is certainly affordable, there is no compromise on quality. Start-ups can get all of the great attributes associated with popular mail servers like Google and Outlook for a fraction of the cost when they choose Zimbra Mail instead.


Another reason as to why start-ups love Zimbra Mail is its clean aesthetic and modern interface. This fits in seamlessly with the image start-ups are trying to portray to employees, investors and customers. Start-ups don’t want to have to use outdated services that don’t provide the features that they need to communicate within and outside of their business. Start-up employees will find Zimbra Mail intuitive and a handy tool for tackling their workload on a daily basis.

Ideal For Start-Ups

Zimbra Mail has a lot of features that are particularly appealing to start-ups. Namely, it allows a collaborative approach when it comes to communication and working, and this is what forms the basis of so many start-ups. You’ll find chat, clouds and many extensions available to Zimbra Mail users as well as frequent new releases and awesome customer support. Another useful element of Zimbra Mail is that it can grow with your company. Start-ups are small at the beginning but most aim to expand. Zimbra Mail is the type of mail server that can accompany you on this journey.

We encourage any upcoming entrepreneurs to consider Zimbra Mail for their start-up. It’s a simple and cost-saving mail service that doesn’t compromise on quality and cutting-edge features.

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